420 Blue Whales

07 21 2015 | Posted in Sustainability

420 blue whales  – that is how many it would take to equal the weight of materials the Ponce City Market crew has recycled since beginning construction in 2011.  We recently learned from construction that 84,080,840 lbs of material has been diverted from landfill so far.  To better understand this number, we asked the PCM team for the most interesting comparison.  They told us how many Eiffel Towers, Statues of Liberty, blue whales, or school buses equal 84,080,840 lbs. 

Can you do better?  We'll be taking submissions in the comments section for the most interesting equivalent to 84,080,840 until next Friday, 3/28.  The winner receives a bag of Dancing Goats Coffee and tour of Ponce City Market!