Flux Projects and Ponce City Market present: Up Right Atlanta by Nick Cave

07 21 2015 | Posted in Uncategorized

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Atlanta is in for something huge. We’re so excited to begin preparing for a ground-breaking performance presented by Flux Projects on April 24-26 as performance artist Nick Cave unveils new mind blowing Soundsuits during a choreographed event at Ponce City Market called “Up Right Atlanta.”

Nick Cave, a Chicago-based performance artist, fabric sculptor, and educator, will bring to life the construction within Ponce City Market while working with Spelman College professor and choreographer, T. Lang. Dancers will don Cave’s custom Soundsuits while utilizing PCM’s future Food Hall for performance.

Attendees will be a part of a historical event for Flux Projects, the Atlanta-based arts organization dedicated to bringing exceptional and surprising temporary public art to the city. Cave’s mission with Up Right Atlanta will be to utilize the Soundsuit to “pass on the power to be oneself” and can be described as “a rite of passage on an initiation.”

We had the opportunity to chat with Nick Cave about his amazing Soundsuits, what makes Atlanta so unique, and what we can expect to see from his upcoming performance with Flux Projects.

What was your inspiration for the performance for this project?

We are all born special and for many, somewhere along the way, they forget that. This work is for these folks specifically but think we can all use a hand up to be our most powerful and best selves. It’s then we can step into our world and do right.

What materials did you use to create the Soundsuits?

Various. There are armatures made of metal that support myriad hand made objects. Some synthetic hair, some found objects, pipe cleaners and such. The body suits are entirely made of synthetic raffia.

Photo by James Prinz Photography

When you begin to create a Soundsuit, where do you initially draw inspiration for the design?

It all comes about from moving and mixing materials until I discover the feeling I am looking for. This particular group of suits is about passing on the power to be oneself. It is a right of passage on an initiation.

Photo by James Prinz Photography

How would you describe your performances to someone who has never seen them before?

They are events or installations that allow the viewer to dream as they did when they were a child. Time and space as we experience it in the moment is qualified by all we’ve been taught, seen and experienced. I hope that my fork sets the stage for an open palette or place of naiveté.

How has it been to work with T. Lang?

T is amazing. The moment I meet her I knew we had a similar spirit. I can’t wait to see what she creates with my work.

What does it mean to you to develop Up Right Atlanta?

This is an opportunity for us to all reflect on the greatness that Atlanta has to offer and to give it the power to be. It is a critical and fantastic time for Atlanta and I am excited to contribute my work to its rebirth.

Photo by James Prinz Photography

How is this performance different from others you have done in the past?

All my performances are different. They are born of the location and made unique by the people we work with and collaborate with in each city. I never know exactly what it will be but know its potential. We don’t bring a show to a city, we build a show at the city.

Photo by James Prinz Photography

What was your favorite restaurant in Atlanta?

Twisted Soul. It’s a new restaurant my dear friend Deborah VanTrece just opened.

Did anything specific about Atlanta inspire you during the creative process?

Flux projects did a great job of helping us understand the city. They also introduced us to many talented potential collaborators. It is a comfortable city for me and feels like home.

Photo by James Prinz Photography

Is there anything specific that you’d like for people to leave the performance thinking, feeling, or learning?

That’s it…think, feel and learn.


Up Right Atlanta presented by Flux Projects

Ponce City Market

April 24-26

For full details and to RSVP for a performance, please visit http://www.eventbrite.com/e/up-right-atlanta-by-nick-cave-tickets-15765663524