When General Assembly opened their first Atlanta campus at Ponce City Market in January, they brought a slew of exciting courses and workshops to creatives hoping to learn more about web development, user experience, and more. You might have seen their former space next to Dancing Goats off of North Ave, but General Assembly is now settled into their permanent space on the 2nd Floor in the West Wing of PCM in a space with impressive classrooms and great communal areas.

Tamisha McQuilkin, Audience Development Producer at General Assembly, gave us the inside scoop on the new office, the General Assembly mission, and what to expect from a class! Keep reading.

Why did General Assembly choose PCM for its office space?

General Assembly chose Ponce City Market due to it's incredible location in the middle of Atlanta, easily accessible from all parts of the greater metro area. The building itself has so much rich history and General Assembly wanted to help write the next chapter of the building's story. Plus, the reclaimed industrial feel aligns perfectly with General Assembly's architectural style.  

What is the mission of General Assembly?

General Assembly empowers individuals to pursue the work that they love through hands-on education in web & mobile development, user experience & visual design, digital marketing, data science & analytics, and product management.

How many people work out of the new office? How many people will attend class here?

12 employees, 20+ instructors, and 400+ students in 2015.

What is your favorite amenity in the General Assembly office at PCM?

Either our photo booth or the custom designed 30 inch community table that draws inspiration from the Sears, Roebuck, & Co. industrial design and overlooks Old Fourth Ward Park.

Favorite part of having a General Assembly in Atlanta?

Having a place for curious and driven individuals to meet with other like-minded people in pursuit of knowledge.

 Anything else you would like people to know about General Assembly?

How to get there: Please enter from Ponce de Leon Ave NE and park in one of the spots to the right. Our entrance is next to the West Flats' entrance. Follow the signs to our space in the second floor. You're always welcome to stop by. Come visit! 

Want to learn more about General Assembly? Check out a list of part-time classes and workshops here and a list of full-time here.

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PCM Welcomes Cardlytics!

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We’re so excited to welcome Cardlytics, the pioneer in purchase-driven marketing, to the offices at Ponce City Market! The folks at Cardlytics definitely know how to do an office right – hammocks, vintage video games, and nap pods are at every turn, making this a seriously creative space to get down to business.

We were able to chat with Megan Heaney, PCM Project Manager at Cardlytics, to give us the inside scoop on the new office, the best part of being in Atlanta, and what makes this company tick. Keep reading!


Why did Cardlytics choose PCM for its office space? 

Cardlytics specifically chose Atlanta as its home because of its strong tech community. Ponce City Market is an incredible juxtaposition of old Atlanta and its future in technology. We have worked hard to honor this historic space and incorporate the existing design and materials. We have incorporated elements into our office that will make it an exciting, vibrant place to work while offering flexible spaces for creativity and collaboration.

What is the mission of Cardlytics?

Cardlytics is the pioneer and dominant player in the cutting-edge field of Purchase-Driven Marketing. Cardlytics leverages its unique technology platform to “make all marketing better.” We also work with thousands of advertisers and provide millions of marketing offers to consumers across the U.S. and around the world. Cardlytics also has offices in London, New York, and San Francisco.

How many people will be moving into the Cardlytics office at PCM?

Cardlytics has moved 250 staffers from five separate Atlanta offices under one roof at Ponce City Market – with lots of room for our explosive growth!

What is your favorite amenity in your office at PCM?

Some of our most exciting amenities are our game room with classic video game machines, ping pong, foosball, a hammock room with cocoon nap pods, and a putt-putt golf course throughout office. We even have a hanging bed with egg chairs, a Lego wall and activities like yoga, a BeltLine running club and a Brew Club.


Favorite part of being an Atlanta-headquartered company?

Cardlytics specifically chose Atlanta as its home because of its strong tech community.

Anything else you would like people to know about Cardlytics?

Our space at Ponce City Market is a highly open, collaborative workspace with a host of amenities for Cardlytics' dynamic mix of employee skill sets. As Cardlytics launches new products and expands our growing team, we are always recruiting for top engineering, sales and data analytics talent, and not just senior level, experienced professionals.  We often recruit at the entry and mid-level from local universities in the Atlanta metro area. The proximity of highly reputable educational institutions like Georgia Tech, Georgia State, the University of Georgia, Emory, and Kennesaw State offer a ripe landscape for great people who are especially passionate about building a career focused on creating industry-leading products.

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So you've heard about some of our retail tenants, Food Hall offerings, and even rumblings about a few other surprises – but did you know about these #PCMQuickFacts?

1.) Ponce City Market will feature over 400 bike parking spaces upon completion.

Alternative transportation is a way of life at Ponce City Market and we're so excited to offer an abundance of bike parking. Whether you're biking on the BeltLine, down North Ave, or Ponce de Leon, we'll have a place to lock up your bike while you grab a bite to eat, meet friends, or explore.

2.) There are 56,000 panes of glass at Ponce City Market.

One of our favorites features from PCM's original structure are the steel window frames. Our construction crew replaced 56,000 panes of glass across 9 stories (13 stories if you include the tower!) while preserving the original frames to restore the historic façade.

3.) The construction of the Sears, Roebuck & Co. building in 1926 was completed at a record speed.

One of the most exciting things about the original Sears building is rate at which it was constructed. At the time of opening, the building was considered the largest in the South and also set a record for completion after only 6 months of construction. On opening day, the building had 30,000 visitors.

The Atlanta Journal - August 1,1926

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If you have a question about well, pretty much anything, HowStuffWorks not only has the answer but they’ve probably got an article, video, and podcast to explain it all to you. With over 30 million visitors to their website each month, HowStuffWorks is one of the largest digital brands that also call Atlanta home.  We are so excited to welcome HowStuffWorks to the offices at Ponce City Market.

We were able to sit down with Jason Hoch, Chief Content Officer at HowStuffWorks, to learn a bit more about the mission of the website, future content plans, and details on the incredible office space (complete with a question mark table)! Keep reading for the Q&A below:



Why did you choose PCM for your office space?

We are a creative organization, but we’ve never had the creative space we’ve been dying for until now. In addition to creating articles about anything from air conditioners to zebras, we also record nearly 30 hours of podcasts each month and have a full production team that creates original video content. We are looking forward to taking advantage of our new audio and video studios at PCM.  We’re also looking forward to using our entire office, and the PCM campus as a backdrop for new shows. We searched everywhere for such a space and Ponce City Market was a perfect fit.



What is the mission of HowStuffWorks?

Our mission is to deliver great content experiences to our users, no matter what device or platform they choose.  You might listen to a podcast on your way home from work.  Maybe you are curious about a topic like tattoos or elevators.  Or maybe you want to check out a video about how 3D printers work.  Although we spend countless hours working to create this content, it rarely feels like ‘work’ in the traditional sense of what a job really is. We have never taken any shortcuts on our approach and that’s one of the reasons why tens of millions of folks consume our content every single month.



How many people will be moving into the HowStuffWorks office at PCM?

35 people – We are a scrappy crew, we do a lot!


What is your favorite amenity in your office at PCM?

It’s difficult to pick just one thing, but I do really love our question mark table.  Almost by accident, it’s become of the center piece of the office, designed both as a break room space, but also as a home for our new video shoots.  I also love the new studio space and the video wonderwall showcasing our content to visitors as they enter the office.



Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for HowStuffWorks?

We want even more people to get just a little bit smarter with us every single day.  What’s not to love about that?


What is your favorite part of being an Atlanta-based company?

We love the fact that we can walk to work everyday – or bike or run! That is a huge fit for us and our team.  I love being right in the heart of the city.



Anything else you would like people to know about HowStuffWorks?

We can’t wait to create and share even more content this year with anyone who is curious about how the world really works.

And, don’t forget to look for us around and about Ponce City Market.  You might spy a video crew filming or you might recognize one of our popular podcast or video hosts.

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Before Ponce City Market or City Hall East, there was Sears, Roebuck, & Co. Opened in 1926, Sears was constructed at a record speed and brought opportunity and life into the city, boasting 30,000 visitors on opening day. In 1930, Sears launched a farmer’s market with over 100 individual producers from counties all across Georgia.

As with most organizations, the people within it are what makes it truly special. That was no exception for Sears in 1935 when Audrey Jacoby Hensley began working at the bank on the second floor. After graduating high school at what is now Westminster, Audrey took her first job with Sears and was responsible for distributing money every payday.

Keep reading below for a letter from Audrey which gives us a glimpse into a day in the life at Sears, Roebuck, & Co.


Transcription of Audrey’s Letter:

Sears Roebuck – 1935

For a year after graduating from High School, North Avenue Presbyterian (now Westminster), I worked in the bank at Sears Roebuck. The bank was on the second floor. A Mr. Good was Manager, and Mrs. Lewis was Supervisor over several girls. The bank received the money from both Retail and Mail Order sales. I don’t remember what my day to day duties were, but I vividly remember payday.

On payday, only employees working on the second floor were allowed to get off the elevator on that floor. Early in the morning, cash was brought to the bank by armed guards. There was also an armed guard stationed in a cubicle in the hall outside, opposite the bank. Tables were set up in the bank, and we were given a list of names of employees showing the amount to be placed in small manila envelopes. Since we were handling cash, I expect the guard was watching us!

The store used pre-cancelled stamps for all mail so about once a month two girls were sent to the basement to pre-cancel by hand. The next day our hands would be sore from <illegible> the device we had to use. The building had been built over a spring, and the basement was damp and chilly. The spring had originally fed a swimming pool owned by a Mr. Spiller, and I had gone there to swim when I was a little girl 7 or 8. He also owned “Spiller Field” across the street where the “Atlanta Crackers” played baseball.

My employment ended the next year when I resigned to go to Macon to Mercer University. They had just become a Co-Ed school!

Audrey Jacoby Hensley

July 14, 2012

Your Lunch Should Be Local

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The #PCMEats series is here to pull you out of your lunchtime rut! Brown bag it no more with our selection of local food trucks serving up more than just last night’s leftovers.

Whether you’re looking for sushi, fish & chips, or even the perfect meatball sub, we’ve gathered the best Atlanta has to offer in food trucks for an entire month of amazing lunches.

Drop by weekdays this month from 11:00AM – 2PM to snag not just your lunch, but an entire experience. Put down the bologna sandwich and step away from your desk. It’s time for some real lunch.

Food truck schedule is subject to change based on weather, availability of trucks, and special events. To keep up with our weekly PCM Eats schedule, subscribe to our newsletter here.

November 12th: Ibiza Bites

November 13th: The Pickle

November 14th: Genki

November 17th: Mobile Marlay

November 18th: Nectar

November 19th:  Mighty Meatballs

November 20th: Hail Caesar

November 21st: On Tapa the World

November 24th: Mobile Marlay

November 25th: Mixd Up

See you on North Ave!

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Have you seen the shuttle?  We’re excited to announce that our PCM tenants and residents now have access to shuttles, which will make the trek to and from the North Avenue MARTA station a little easier.

We know it isn’t always the easiest decision to use an alternative form of transportation – there are much quicker ways to get to work in the morning. But we also know that while our city is working hard to provide better access to these alternative options in the future, its up to us to make it accessible right now.

Welcoming and helping to facilitate alternative transportation options is incredibly important to us. Early next year, we hope to have several other sustainable options available for everyone to enjoy. You can be on the lookout for more car charging stations and even a bike valet. Stay tuned.

Through smaller initiatives, we hope to help to provide more transformative transportation options for Atlantans. Our city is on its way to doing some wonderful things and we’re looking forward to seeing and being a part of the progress.

We hope our shuttles are able to make an alternative commute for our tenants and residents more appealing and fun, too! If you see them out and about, snap a photo and use the hashtag #PCMintheATL so we can share your sighting.


Where’s Leon?

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Have you seen Leon lately —

At the Atlanta Street Food Festival in Piedmont Park?

Out to lunch in Inman Park to watch the World Cup?

Stopping for a drink at Bantam Pub?

Or driving down Peachtree in Midtown?

Meet Leon, our beloved 1967 Ford Bronco. Leon (named after his home on Ponce de Leon Ave) represents two things close to our hearts – history and timeless design.  Those of you who follow us on Twitter may have already noticed that Leon has been taking field trips off property lately.

Where will you see Leon next? Tweet #WheresLeon when you see him. Or follow @PonceCityMarket and guess where he’ll be.  Who knows…. folks who get it right may get to bring a few friends in for a tour!