Dear Future Flats Residents,

07 21 2015 | Posted in Flats

Wondering what’s in store for you when you move in this fall?!?  We’re planning a series of events and previews only accessible to folks who have signed leases with us to live in the building (you know who you are!)… because we’re excited to have you.  And we want to give you a taste what living here will be like. We’ll have a happy hour on the roof this fall – for residents only.  Long before it’s open to the public.  And you can bring a friend.  You should also bring a putter… you know, for the mini-golf we’ll have up there.

You’ll also get insider access to the once-in-a-lifetime, one-year-only, never-to-be-done-again-at-Ponce-City-Market New Year’s Eve Party we’re plotting for the Central Food Hall – another thank you for signing up on this redevelopment journey with us.  Then there’s the chef tasting event that won’t be open to the public… and the monthly tours of the whole property, where we guarantee you, a resident, a chance to hear firsthand the latest news, progress, and ask questions.  All of these (and more in the hopper) Ponce-dweller-only events will also give you a chance to meet your neighbors… so you can start planning your own parties together. 

We want you to be a part of this with us.  It’s a community, not a building.  Welcome.