The Gates are Coming Off…

07 21 2015 | Posted in General

…today.  Monday August 25th.  So you can walk hard-hat free around the property, shop Binders (who quietly opened their doors last week in our construction site!) take classes at General Assembly and drop your kids at Suzuki School in addition to grabbing your daily cup of coffee from Dancing Goats.  Because they’re all open or opening in the next three weeks!

Last week was a big week on the site. After three years of construction we got the necessary approvals from the city to start removing the gates and the hard hat restrictions from the overall site. Almost simultaneously, the transaction closed on the historic tax credits that have provided the resources to carefully restore the old steel sash windows, hardwood floors and maintain so many beautiful features of this historic site.

So come, meet our first batch of tenants.  Our early adopters.  The businesses who were game to open first.  Art retailer Binders opened their doors last Wednesday and they’re planning grand opening ceremony’s happening in 3 weeks! Tech meet up facility General Assembly is already doing meet and greets and will be starting classes in September.  Today, the 150ish parents who have enrolled their children in The Suzuki School preschool will get to mix and meet instructors that their kids will see every day starting after Labor Day.   Our first tenant in the big brick building, the building’s first office athenahealth will move 200 employees into the building September 22, the same day food trucks will start bringing lunch to the hungry masses each day at Ponce City Market.  In October-January we’ll see our first wave of residents who signed leases to the Flats as they start their move in.  This new budding community of Flats residents and workers at the office will be granted exclusive access to the BeltLine from the property – the same access the public will get early next year.

But we’re not done…we’re already looking ahead and our team is working tirelessly to deliver the next batch of tiered openings and lease announcements in the coming months.  First you’ll see announcements about more food hall purveyors and retailers in the big brick building as well as the BeltLine rail shed…then more office folks move in before end of year.  In spring of next year there will be a big wave of restaurants and the Central Food Hall will open its doors to the public along with the BeltLine bridge connection, the BeltLine rail shed and some retail followed by more retail throughout the rest of 2015 and lastly, the Roof at Ponce City Market.  We’re excited to be contributing to the fabric of the Atlanta area and building a long term community amenity.  We hope you’re enjoying the journey with us as we begin more retail openings in the coming year.