The Makers of American Field

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We’re thrilled to have American Field pop-up market here this Saturday and Sunday at PCM. A celebration of trade, American Field, showcases makers from across the country. We caught up with two of the makers, Owen Shea from Brothers Artisan Oil and Ashley Hanna from Mizzen + Main to learn more about their process.

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The Shea Family

Tell us about yourself. How did you get started?

OS: The brothers have always had some kind of facial hair, but Owen really started growing his out as part of embracing fatherhood, and Baxter, as part of his move to Boston. Owen found that beard oil did exist, but was unsatisfied with the offerings, and after some research, felt that he could develop a more beneficial blend. The brothers tested on themselves and their friends, Owen made the Instagram, and things took off. With both of them experienced bartenders they hit the drawing board.  “Mixing cocktails and mixing beard oils aren’t all that different. You need to know what people like and what people need

AH: When we started Mizzen+Main we saw much more than a “gap” in the marketplace; we saw a market at risk of becoming irrelevant to a crucially important demographic. Over the past decade, young, fitness-oriented, work-hard-play-hard professionals have grown increasingly addicted to performance fabrics. They’ve found they can run, cycle, climb, throw, row, and do dozens of other activities in athletic apparel made from enhanced fabric that moves with the body, wicks moisture, and allows plenty of give, where and when it’s needed.

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How has your brand evolved?

OS: We created the original product for ourselves and our friends, but quickly realized it was more than just a hobby. Some feel that the beard is just a trend, we realized we could actually change the face (pun intended) of men’s grooming and encourage hesitant beard growers. There is an awkward stage that every beard goes through before it becomes wonderful, and knowing that many men have made it through or made gains because of us is truly wonderful. We are now in multiple stores on the east cost and plan to expand other parts of the country, hopefully find a new home in Atlanta for our products!

AH: We started Mizzen+Main with a groundbreaking innovation: performance fabric dress shirts. That spirit of innovation and combining performance with tradition will continue as we expand into chinos (in time for the holidays), blazers, and broadening our footprint overall with a greater selection for current and new customers.

Describe your brand in 3 words:

OS: Classic, timeless, natural

AH: Innovative, Athletic, All-American


Brothers Artisan Oil

What is your favorite part of American Field?

OS: My favorite part of American Field is the first morning, makers standing behind their goods, coffee in hand, with a sense of pride and honor across the entire room. It’s about meeting people and sharing who you are and what you make.

AH: My favorite part of American Field is meeting guys from all of the USA I might not of met before that wear Mizzen+Main. Also, I love meeting and chatting with other entrepreneurs in the American Made fashion industry, understanding what’s working and how they’re growing.

Have you been to Atlanta before?

OS: I have been to Atlanta once when I was 8 or so, I think I still have the pennies I put on the train tracks. We are very excited to be a part of the American made movement and to do this at the historical Ponce City Market.

AH: I haven’t! Coming from Dallas we are super excited for American Field to be more southern vs. DC, Boston and Brooklyn.



American Field is Saturday, October 31 & Sunday, November 1st from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Admission is free. For more information visit our Facebook event here.

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