Get to Know 18.21 Bitters

01 25 2016 | Posted in Food

Tinctures, shrubs, bitters – you may not know it, but these are what make your favorite cocktails so delicious. 18.21 Bitters, founded by Missy and Kristen Koefod, is dedicated to helping Atlanta craft a better cocktail by offering bitters made from the very best ingredients to elevate your drink.

We caught up with Missy of 18.21 Bitters to chat about their store in Ponce City Market, crafting the perfect cocktail, and the inspiration behind their name.

What is the most exciting part of opening shop at Ponce City Market?

We are really excited about being in the PCM Central Food hall surrounded by so many creative and talented chefs! Just the energy they put out there and the excitement the guests bring is creating a creative and exciting energy that we are so thrilled to be a part of.

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For someone who has never used a bitter or tincture, can you describe why they are important to crafting a great cocktail or mocktail?

Bitters are so important to crafting a great cocktail.  We compare it to cooking without spices: you can do it, but it tastes so much better with spices.  In addition to bitters, we carry a line of bottled cocktails that are easy to use and so delicious so if you love craft cocktails but don’t know how to make one, don’t worry!  We have you covered. Our cocktail syrups, shrubs, ginger beer and tonic are also really easy and fun to use.  We offer cocktail classes for those who want to learn more about creating craft cocktails.


What is the most popular product that 18.21 Bitters offers? 

Our most popular product is our Ginger Beer Syrup.  It is spicy, fresh, bright and perfect for a moscow mule!

What is the best part of being an Atlanta-based business?

We love Atlanta!  We started the company in the Old 4th Ward and are so thrilled to be able to grow in the same neighborhood. Atlanta is a growing, diverse, exciting city with such great food and drinks and such talented chefs and mixologists. Our food and drink scene is growing every day and we can’t get enough. It is such a wonderful city with such friendly people, you just can’t beat it.


One last question – what about your name? How did 18.21 Bitters come about?

The 18th Amendment enacted prohibition and the 21st repealed it.  That’s where the name comes from!

Tour Ponce City Market

01 14 2016 | Posted in Events,History

We know that you get just as excited by the history of PCM as we do, which is why we’re happy to announce that we will begin offering tours on Saturdays. The rich history behind Ponce City Market is all in thanks to Sears, Roebuck, & Co. which began construction on the iconic building that we now occupy in 1926.

From development to future plans, you’ll get an inside look at the 2 million square foot building that has now become one of Atlanta’s largest adaptive reuse projects.


For more information and to register for an upcoming tour, click here. We look forward giving you a behind-the-scenes look into Ponce City Market.