Biltong Bar Brings Jerky to the Central Food Hall

02 10 2016 | Posted in Food

Organic jerky, hand pies, South African wine – that’s just a taste of what Biltong Bar is bringing to the Central Food Hall. We sat down with owner Justin Anthony to learn more about bringing his unique South African twist to Atlanta, what to expect from the Biltong Bar experience, and even what he would choose as his last meal. Keep reading!

What is the most exciting or unique thing about opening in the Central Food Hall?
It’s really exciting to have South African cuisine in the mix of such a unique development and especially to be in the food hall with such accomplished chefs. It’s unique to be able to showcase our traditional Biltong (South African style air dried, all natural Beef Jerky). We also carry exclusive South African wines, craft cocktails and craft beers.


Describe the Biltong Bar experience at #PCM It’s a unique, one of a kind experience.
We offer both counter “to go” service as well as sit down service. The bar is a focal point of the eatery.

Biltong interior

What menu item are you most excited about bringing to PCM?
Biltong. It’s all natural, organic, with no preservatives, and an extremely healthy source of protein.

What is the best part of being an Atlanta-based restaurant?
Although I grew up in South Africa, Atlanta has been home for 20 years. I love this city and to be a part of such a burgeoning dining and restaurant scene is a dream come true.

What local businesses, organizations, people, etc. inspire you?
Any individual or business that is liking to make Atlanta better inspires me. I’m especially inspired by Jamestown and what they have accomplished in building PCM, which has taken Atlanta to another level.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 4.39.13 PM

What would your last meal be and why?
Caviar. I want to go out in style.

What is one interesting fact about Biltong Bar that folks might not know?
Biltong Bar is the very first concept of its kind not only in the USA but also in the world!