As one of the newest vendors to Citizen Supply located on the 2nd Floor of Ponce City Market, Mattie Tiegreen, the founder of Green Tie Studio, has always had a creative spirit. In the curated lifestyle shop you’ll find painted notebooks from Moglea, hand-poured candles from Simply Curated, and prints from Georgia-photographer Kaitie Bryant. But before you make your way upstairs, here are five things you need to know:

  1. The name Green Tie Studio comes from Mattie’s own last name, Tiegreen. After endlessly explaining that it’s not “Tee-green” but “Tye-green,” like a green tie, the name stuck.

Kaitie Bryant

  1. Mattie started her career making wedding invitations. Her first company, Puddleduck Paper Co., carried only paper products, and her love for paper and paint is apparent in the number of stationary items in the Green Tie shop.
  2. At Green Tie Studio, everything is in the details. Mattie says she would happily spend days wrestling over the perfect font style for a project.


  1. When she’s not designing a brand identity, fabricating paper goods, or curating her shop in Citizen Supply, Mattie hosts Gather, a two-day workshop for creative entrepreneurs.

Simply Curated

  1. Mattie is a proud advocate for artists and their craft. The talented makers she features are only able to continue making because of collaborations like Green Tie Studio for Citizen Supply.