Founded in 2015, Elk Head Clothing aims to bring timeless fabric and menswear staples to PCM. Located on the second floor of Ponce City Market near Citizen Supply, you’ll find the perfect pieces to take you from work week to weekend. Keep reading to learn more about Elk Head Clothing from co-founder Garrett Hilgendorf.

What is the most exciting thing about opening in Ponce City Market?

Ponce City Market has a life of its own. I really appreciate the history of the building and at the same time PCM is a part of the progressive retail landscape. The BeltLine adds a unique element to the PCM experience that I’m not sure you can find anywhere else.

Describe the Elk Head Clothing shopping experience at PCM. 

When someone walks into Elk Head Clothing we want them to feel a down-to-earth vibe. Sometimes shopping experiences can be a bit contrived, so we hope that we’ve curated a leisurely shopping experience and a collection of goods that you can feel confident about. At Elk Head we talk to our customers and listen to their feedback about our products.  We produce small batch goods so we get the chance to incorporate customers’ ideas and experiences into our design process.  We want them to feel they can be apart of what we are creating- a rugged, refined look composed of the best fabrics and materials.

What is the most popular item at Elk Head Clothing?

Our signature elbow patch shirt design. I think the elbow patches add a different element to our shirts. They are functional and help shirts stand up to everyday wear while also adding subtle character.


What is the best part of being a part of the Atlanta retail community?

Within the retail community in particular it feels like we’re at the beginning of a new scene that values thoughtful craftsmanship in small batches rather than mass production. People want to know about the design, where things are being sourced from and made. This curiosity in the community makes us proud to be an Atlanta-based brand.

What inspires you?

I’m from Michigan and the landscape there definitely influenced my clothing design but Atlanta and its metropolitan feel helped me think about more smart and sophisticated elements that I wanted to add to it. So really, the city culture of Atlanta has inspired me.

What is your can’t-live-without-it clothing staple?

The Oxford shirt.  It is a really versatile piece that can be casual or even formal depending on how you wear it and what you pair it with. Also, Oxford cloth is really durable and naturally resistant to wrinkles, which makes for a great staple.

What is one interesting fact about Elk Head Clothing that people might not know?

When you come into the store you might notice a European mount of an elk on the wall. I shot that Elk in Michigan and that experience and the aesthetics of the elk, its masculine/rugged connotation with modern sophisticated features, inspired the brand.


Full of magic and color, the seabed is a place of endless exploration. Like life, we cannot be sure what we will find, but it is not always the outcome that counts – it’s the journey. Expect the unexpected – wonder awaits.

Alix and Ani Summer Launch

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

05 05 2016 | Posted in General,Tenants

Mother’s Day is only a few days away and if you’re looking for a little inspiration, we have you covered. Here are a few of our picks to make it one to remember.

A stunning necklace set from Alex and Ani is sure to be a hit this Mother’s Day.


For the mom who loves her spin class as much as you, get her a on-the-go workout bag from lululemon.


Pick up a bright succulent plant at Sugarboo & Co. for the mom with a green thumb.


Find an Anthropologie candle as unique as your mom. Is she a Blood Orange Limoncello or more of a Gardenia & Fig?


Tell mom exactly how much you care about her with this necklace from lou lou.

image1 (2)

For the yogi mom, deck her out with new gear from CorePower Yoga.


If you’re in the market for the perfect summer tee, San Francisco based Marine Layer is just the place to find it. Now open next to Madewell at PCM, Marine Layer offers clothing that has an “already broken-in feel” right off the rack. Before you start making your shopping list, here are the five things you need to know about Marine Layer.


1. Mike Natenshon founded Marine Layer in 2009 with the mission to make “absurdly soft clothing”.

2. Marine Layer’s products are made from supima cotton and micromodal, a fabric made from recycled beech wood.


3. Marine Layer offers sizes in extra small, small, medium, marge, large, larger, and extra large. Their non-tradition sizes make sure you find a shirt that fits you to the tee.


4. Most of the clothing that Marine Layer manufactures is produced in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


5. All of Marine Layer’s buttondown wovens are named after streets (or areas) of cities where they have stores.

As one of the newest vendors to Citizen Supply located on the 2nd Floor of Ponce City Market, Mattie Tiegreen, the founder of Green Tie Studio, has always had a creative spirit. In the curated lifestyle shop you’ll find painted notebooks from Moglea, hand-poured candles from Simply Curated, and prints from Georgia-photographer Kaitie Bryant. But before you make your way upstairs, here are five things you need to know:

  1. The name Green Tie Studio comes from Mattie’s own last name, Tiegreen. After endlessly explaining that it’s not “Tee-green” but “Tye-green,” like a green tie, the name stuck.

Kaitie Bryant

  1. Mattie started her career making wedding invitations. Her first company, Puddleduck Paper Co., carried only paper products, and her love for paper and paint is apparent in the number of stationary items in the Green Tie shop.
  2. At Green Tie Studio, everything is in the details. Mattie says she would happily spend days wrestling over the perfect font style for a project.


  1. When she’s not designing a brand identity, fabricating paper goods, or curating her shop in Citizen Supply, Mattie hosts Gather, a two-day workshop for creative entrepreneurs.

Simply Curated

  1. Mattie is a proud advocate for artists and their craft. The talented makers she features are only able to continue making because of collaborations like Green Tie Studio for Citizen Supply.


A number of the shops at Ponce City Market are joining in the long standing tradition of opening early on the day after Thanksgiving to meet the rush of holiday shopping.  Join us this Friday for your early morning coffee and a biscuit from Hop’s Chicken, and maybe even a mimosa at Brezza Cucina as we get started a little earlier than usual.  Take a stroll or bike ride down the BeltLine to visit PCM – we can’t wait to begin the holiday season with you.

For your convenience, here’s a list of shops and restaurants with extended hours on Black Friday:

Anthropologie: 6am-9pm

Bellina Alimentari: 10am-10pm

Dancing Goats: 8am-6pm

General Assembly: Closed

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop: 9am-10pm

J.Crew: 9am-10pm

Karoo: 10am-8pm

Lily Rain: 10am-10pm

lululemon: 7am-9pm

Madewell: 9am-10pm

Michael Stars: 8am-9pm

Mountain High Outfitters: 8am-11pm

Onward Reserve: 8am-9pm

Rejuvenation: 9am-9pm

The Frye Company: 9am-10pm

The Suzuki School: Closed

West Elm: 8am-9pm

Williams Sonoma: 8am-9pm

Also don’t forget that Spiller Park, Hop’s Chicken, and Farm to Ladle will be open for breakfast at 7am and Brezza Cucina will be opening for a special breakfast at 8am to get the day started right.




We have been excited to welcome you to Ponce City Market as you have visited the early openers – West Elm, Anthropologie, and Onward Reserve – over the past few weeks.

Now that Goorin Bros. Hat Shop, Lou Lou, and Michael Stars have joined the community of shops that have opened at PCM, we thought it was time to share an updated map of where to find everyone:

Lou Lou

Drive, walk, or bike through the North Ave entrance and park on any surface lot or in the lower level. Lou Lou can be found by entering the courtyard beneath the west (left) “Market Entrance” sign. Keep walking and Lou Lou is on your left.

Michael Stars

Michael Stars is just one store past Lou Lou.

Goorin Bros.

When leaving Michael Stars, walk straight ahead across the courtyard (toward Anthropologie, beside the orange storefronts). Goorin is on the right beside the directional signage.

Share your findings with us on social media using #myPCM. Have a great weekend!

What started as a delicious gelato food truck in 2011 will now open its first brick and mortar location at the Ponce City Market Central Food Hall this fall. Honeysuckle Gelato, a southern take on a favorite frozen treat, will be serving up customer favorites in addition to new flavors inspired by local ingredients.

We caught up with Wes Jones, co-founder of Honeysuckle Gelato, to talk about opening their store at Ponce City Market, where they draw inspiration for new flavors, and what we can expect from this Southern-inspired gelato.

Photo by Khatera Ballard

What is the most exciting part about going from a food truck to a space at PCM?

Well, we had no air conditioning on the truck so that’s a major plus right off the bat. But in all seriousness, being part of Ponce City Market has given Honeysuckle Gelato a level of credibility that we’ve worked very hard to achieve. We’re in awe of the amazing chefs and businesses also in Ponce City Market; being in their company is humbling and scary and surreal all at once. To have our names share space with the likes of Sean Brock, Linton Hopkins, Hugh Acheson and Annie Quatrano… it’s hard to comprehend. When we look back at the food truck, we look back with pride and fond memories, but it also reminds us how far we’ve come.

What is the most popular Honeysuckle Gelato flavor?

Sea-Salted Caramel is far and away our most popular flavor.

What made PCM a good fit for Honeysuckle Gelato?

We always wanted a brick-and-mortar location, but we were very patient and selective when looking for the right space. It had to be the right fit for the Honeysuckle brand. Ponce City Market was our dream spot from day one because it combined all of the things we hoped for. I’m particularly excited because I live just down the BeltLine in Reynoldstown!

Photo by Jenny Sathngam

What is your favorite part of the PCM Central Food Hall?

The quality and diversity of food options at Ponce City Market is unmatched. I’m also excited about how open the space is. There will be plenty of room to relax both inside and outside; I love that visitors can sit at tables or just wander through the building, enjoying its many amenities.

What is the best part of being an Atlanta-based business?

I think Atlanta has really embraced small and local businesses of all types, so it’s a very exciting time to own a business in Atlanta. It’s also an exciting time for food all across the country, but especially in Atlanta, so we feel like we’re getting the best of both worlds. Atlantans take pride in their food and do a great job supporting those who make it. We’re certainly grateful.

What inspires you or inspire flavors for Honeysuckle Gelato?

We look for inspiration everywhere. We started the business with the idea of “combining the rich and smooth texture of gelato with the decadent flavors and desserts of the South.” I mean, our tagline is “Southern-inspired gelato,” so our initial inspiration came from our friends and families and the food we grew up making and enjoying with them. Now we constantly have customers and chefs asking us to make something different and unique for them. Some of those suggestions have led to a few of our favorite flavors. For example, a friend suggested we make a Biscoff-flavored gelato, which then morphed into a Biscoff gelato with peanuts and pretzels – and then we added caramel because we can’t resist adding caramel when given the opportunity – and “Snacks on a Plane” was born. So our friend and Delta Air Lines get credit for that one.

Photo by Khatera Ballard

Will there be any flavors making their debut at the Central Food Hall?

Absolutely! And the best part is most of them will come from our customers because of how we’re going to offer everything. Our philosophy at Honeysuckle Gelato is that no matter how delicious a particular flavor of gelato, it’s merely a single component of a dessert. For that reason, each serving you order from us at our retail location will offer at least three elements in it. We’ll provide a great selection of gelato, baked goods, and toppings that will give customers the opportunity to create some truly memorable desserts by choosing any combination of those three elements. We will of course list some of our favorite combinations, but we’re more excited about what people will come up with!

What is one thing that Honeysuckle Gelato fans might not know about their favorite treat?

We’re very excited to roll out a new give-back program at Ponce City Market. We’ll donate five percent of all of our proceeds to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. We want people to know that when they enjoy our gelato at Ponce City Market, they’re helping feed someone in need. Additionally, we work with the 180 Kitchen Culinary Arts Program at City of Refuge. We’ve already hired one amazing graduate of the program, and our second hire from the program starts soon! We know gelato is a treat and should be enjoyed as such, but we also want to make a difference in the city that has given us so much. Calories don’t count if they’re part of contributing to a good cause, right?

To find out more about Honeysuckle Gelato, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

There’s still work to be done, but Ponce City Market is moving right along and we’re proud to announce our diverse array of food and retail set to open in 2015. This curated mix of retailers, Central Food Hall purveyors, local innovators and office tenants are coming together to serve the Atlanta community.

We’re building a place that Atlantans can be proud of, where we can reflect on our past and where we can grow together to help shape the future of our city. Take a look at what we’ve got in the works – we can’t wait to share it with you:


Central Food Hall

07 16 2015 | Posted in Tenants

We have been anxiously waiting for this day – when we can finally start sharing concepts in the Central Food Hall! Atlanta Magazine posted a great article yesterday with more details, but here are the high points:

  • Dub’s Fish Camp by James Beard Award winning chef Anne Quatrano.  You may know her from several restaurants at our sister property, Westside Provisions District.   The casual-style fish shack opening in spring 2015 will feature a raw shell counter, housemade sandwiches and steamed fish bowls.
  • H&F Burger by Linton Hopkins – another James Beard award winning chef.  Visitors to Ponce City Market will have access to the famous H&F burger and fries 7 days a week!  The central food hall will also boast an outpost of the acclaimed H&F Bakery.
  • Jia, a Szechuan restaurant by Dahe Yang and chef Jiguo Jiang.  This duo knows what they’re doing – they are the operators of Tasty China and Peter Cheng’s Tasty China 2.
  • Honeysuckle Gelato from Wes Jones.  This kiosk will not only carry the product we have come to know and love, but also will introduce new products including gelato popsicles, floats, sandwiches, and more.
  • Simply Seoul Kitchen from co-owners Hannah Chung and Grace Lee.  You may have met them selling artisanal kimchee, sauces, and steamed buns at a local farmer’s market of Food Cart Sundays last year.